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Urban Design


We study the terrain

from its current regulations and physical studies, through topography, soil study, hydrological studies and those that are required to obtain a concept of land capacity.


  • Distribution Centers
  • Industrial parks
  • Production plants
  • Schools
  • Health Centers
  • Hotel 

    Desarrollo de proyectos

    Phase 1

    Conceptualization of the business, with its environment and market. 
    Location of properties, which meet the objective set. 

      • Budget
      • Financial model
      • Investor Presentation

    Project Development

    Phase 2

    • Basic schematic 
    • Permits and licenses 
    • Project-BIM coordination 

    Urbanism Architecture Bim

    Phase 3

    • Final project
    • Coordination of final project with BIM methodology

    Urbanism Architecture Bim

    Phase 4

    • Projection for execution 
    • Project Management

    Urbanism Architecture Bim

    Phase 5

    Execution of the project, according to the established parameters

    Project Manager

    Some of our customers who trusted us

    Project development