We design with architectonic quality based on innovation, experience and respect for natural resources. This formula helps us guarantee we can give solutions that are sustainable, esthetic, and with long lasting value for clients, leasers and for society.

We lead the Project execution with planning, organization, direction, and control of all the involved parties. Our team has the required experience and knowledge, which gives us the most efficient means for achieving successful development of the projects. Our management includes planification, contractor analysis, contract and third-party negotiation, Budget control, and control for successful execution of the project.

We study lots from their current legal and physical status, by means of topography, terrain studies, hydrological studies and others required, in order to obtain a concept of the field capacity. Our scope also includes   documental transactions to entities required to obtained partial planning, urbanistic permit and construction permit.

We monitor quality management of our projects, in administrative and technical aspects. Technical verification of compliance in defined specification and design, scheduling control, analysis of construction site solutions, and compliance with construction licensing. We also follow up on administrative control of construction site.

Our experience allows us to build up budgets that start from preliminary information of the Project and based on tenors, to the final budget, executed from the final designs. We develop our detailed budgets with the SINCO software, delivering market quotes as backing of our unitary prices.

BIM-DBK methodology permits designing and coordinating each Project according to client’s needs, through collaborative models that involve different specialties related, obtaining reliable data for its analysis and development, which on turn allows it to enhance productivity and efficiency during construction.