The BIM methodology is a process of coordination between different components that collaborate with each other, in order to optimize the management methods of a building. It is a way of working that takes a project beyond merely coordinating studies and technical designs. At DBK we strive to advise our clients throughout the process of structuring the BEP (Bim Execution Plan). This, to ensure that from the normative and conceptual conception of the basic schemes, the guidelines are determined that will allow to clearly focus the efforts of design, modeling, work programming and budget.
DBK is a company that is constantly updating quality standards and competitiveness in front of the market. For this reason, we have found in the BIM revolution an accurate tool. Through these processes, we structure, design, coordinate and present real estate projects that meet current requirements and demands. The BIM DBK experience is positioned thanks to its interdisciplinary team of professionals with specific competencies, in which the organizational structure clearly evidences the roles and responsibilities of each actor involved. In addition, technological tools such as Hardware, Software and digital data environments allow collaborative work to be efficient. This seeks to optimize processes of information exchange, version control, communication between professionals and data storage. Therefore, bim implementation allows the product we offer to our client to be filtered through different quality control processes, to determine that the information meets the project requirements set out in the BEP.