GHL Brand to add 128 rooms to the market

GHL Brand to add 128 rooms to the market

 Innaguration of the hotel complex ZUCA PLAZA, locate in the Siberia-Cota highway

Lina María Guevara Benavides                             Thursaday, 12 of july 2018

Although the country has 16,314 lodging establishments, of which 8,289 are classified as hotels, according to the Hotel Information System (SIH) of the Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia (Cotelco), there is still room for the sector to continue growing.

An example of this is the opening of the GHL Style Hotel Bogotá Occidente, a complex focused on attending corporate guests, with which the multinational GHL Group is committed to developing an area on the outskirts of Bogotá. Monica Ferro, general manager of the hotel, spoke about the attractions of the project.

What is the concept of the project that GHL is inaugurating today?

What we did in construction and decoration was very important. These spaces were created to inspire guests in an industrial style. So, we have places that give the feeling of being open, bright and with high ceilings, but also with beams or pipes in the open and with very neutral colors: white, black, brown and gray.

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Effect of the pandemic crisis in our projects

Effect of the pandemic crisis in our projects

The pandemic crisis has been an event that came surprisingly, generating changes in our way of living and, therefore, it is having repercussions in the way we develop our projects. Reinvention, proactivity and innovation are some of the concepts that will help us to face this situation and get the most out of it.

DBK is not the exception and stands out among the companies that day by day look for expanding and growing, offering quality products together with its professionals in the most efficient ways. A tool that has allowed us to optimize our products is the development of the projects under a BIM Methodology, with which results are obtained that improve the conditions of those involved in the projects, having as a principle the collaborative work.

These tools continue allowing the development of our projects without obstacles through teleworking. In addition, as a result of this situation, new variables are inevitably emerging in the requirements of our customers, which implies a position of innovation and reinvention by our team, so it is important to look beyond and generate value proposals in the design of future projects, always prioritizing the end user. Directly from the design phase, new proposals and ideas are emerging that will allow a better adaptation to our new normality and the challenges that this pandemic is posing to us.

In general terms, in the face of these events it is important to leverage and thus contribute to the country’s economic reactivation. For this reason, we continue to be DBK, a company in constant reinvention.

What is DBK?

¿Qué es DBK?

People wonder what DBK means, and these three letters are born from the decision to create a company with three important pillars of the maturity of three people and the dream of one. Alberto Duque, an architect by profession, encouraged the economist Juan Camilo Machado, and his wife and industrial engineer, Adriana Acosta, to create DBK, whose meaning comes from three words translated from Esperanto. D for DANKON, which in English means THANKS, B for BENI which in English means BLESSING and K for KONSEKRI, which in English means TO CONSECRATE The reason for these words was found in our philosophical discussions of why and what we are here for.


Our wide range of services in the real estate sector, we directed it mainly to the industrial and hotel area, which Alberto knew and had an important trajectory, reflected in the development of projects of great importance like Celta Trade Park or Intexzona, to name some of the great achievements that he obtained.

After 4 years of adventure at the helm of Alberto Duque, he is no longer with us as of December 2017. In his departure, he leaves a team of professionals with vast knowledge and values that are part of DBK’s DNA. To complement this team, Jorge Bonilla arrives to the direction, besides a series of new members that day by day make DBK a company that appreciates what it has created.

We have 7 years in the market, we know that we must be in a continuous update and with much disposition to learn day by day. We make our knowledge available to our clients, who have made this dream of designing spaces to live experiences that last over time, experiences that leave a legacy, experiences that help us continue dreaming.

“Gracias, gracias, gracias.”